About Us

About Us

Zoro Card began not as a company, but as a cause.

Millions of Americans can’t access affordable credit, simply because they have never had credit in the past. Millions more are buried in debt and have no way out. Rather than help, many financial institutions profit off of people’s mistakes with hidden fees and unfair credit practices.

Without good credit, everything becomes more expensive—cell phone contracts, loans, insurance rates, security deposits for utilities and rent—even jobs applications are affected by your credit score.

Our vision is simple. We want to see college grads focused on building prosperous careers rather than paying off student loans, public school teachers and first responders able to afford homes, and soldiers healing from the wounds of war free from the shackles of debt.

An inability to build credit should never get in the way. It’s time for a solution that’s available to everyone, regardless of their credit history.

It’s time for Zoro Card.

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